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Sercos at IANA Show -- The Sercos User Groups invite you to visit us in booth E-4448 (in the Lakeside Hall) at the Industrial Automation North America Show, Sept 12-17 at McCormick Place, Chicago.

Sercos will present two multi-vendor interoperability demos plus other products from member companies. Multi-vendor interoperability demo #1 includes 16 automation products from 10 manufacturers connected using the Sercos automation bus. Multi-vendor interoperability demo #2 includes 23 Sercos products from 11 manufacturers, all running interoperably. We'll also have products from other Sercos manufacturers in the booth.

Users are encouraged to interact with the demos: use the touch screen to select product details; scan QR-codes for additional information; move and set the position of the absolute and linear encoders; activate load cells; perform safe motion functions using CIP safety over Sercos while the light curtain is broken; operate multiple safety systems; move the capacitive Ethernet coupler; command VFD, stepper motors and actuator; and explore gateways and bridges to other Ethernet networks, viewing results on the display.

Visitors can see Sercos real-time redundancy in action when an Ethernet cable is disconnected or damaged by cutting it, disrupting communication, then the cable is later restored. The system detects an interruption/restoration within one cycle, indicates it on the screen, switches modes and remains fully operational during the interruption.

Sercos at Automation Show, Mumbai, India -- Sercos International will show Industrial Ethernet products, tools and latest technologies in booth E48, August 22-25.

Peter Lutz, Managing Director of Sercos International, will present at the first Indian IIoT Conference, taking place in parallel to the exhibition. His presentation will focus on "The role of Industrial Communication in the context of IIOT."

Sercos at Industrial Open Network Roadshow, Wink Aichi, Nagoya, Japan -- The 5th ION, Industrial Open Networks Fair 2016, will be held in Nagoya on August 24 by 10 open network related associations and 48 sponsor companies to promote open networks. There will be 38 seminars on topics such as, IoT and IIoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, OPC UA and IO-Link.

The Sercos seminar "Latest topics: SoftMaster, Cooperation with ODVA and OPC Foundation (OPC UA) for Smart Factories" will be held on site.


FREE Webinar -- Sept 26, "Integration of IO-Link into Sercos." This webinar explains how IO-Link is integrated into the Sercos® protocol and how to implement IO-Link gateways or use IO-Link devices subordinate to Sercos. Topics will include: sub-bus structure in the Sercos FSP_IO; sub-bus tunneling protocol; IO-Link data transmission--cyclic, acyclic, diagnostics; sub-bus startup, device identification; device and port configuration; and an example of usage within the PLC. Read more and register »

The webinar will begin at 16:00 CET (10 am EST).

Sercos Webinar Recordings Available

In the past several months, Sercos has presented a number of technical webinars that are now available for free download:

  • Configuration & usage of real-time bits (June 2016)
  • Procedure of command handling (May 2016)

See the full list »

Issue #50 of the Sercos newsletter is now online
The latest issue of the Sercos newsletter details the latest developments of the interface, plus more.
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