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Sercos Multi-vendor Interoperability Demo

Sercos recently exhibited a multi-vendor interoperability demo at the Industrial Automation North America Show (IANA) in Chicago. The demo shows various automation products connected using the Sercos automation bus, including products from Bosch Rexroth, Aventics, Cannon-Automata, Feller Engineering, Festo, halstrup-walcher, Hilscher, RiceLake/Laumas and TR-Electronic.

The multi-vendor demo will next be displayed at The Assembly Show Oct 28-30, 2014 Rosemont, IL in the Bosch Rexroth booth, #321.

Read more about The IANA Show »
Read the 4-page flyer that provides information on each product on the demo »

Sercos PlugFest Scheduled

The 14th Sercos PlugFest is scheduled for October 15-16, 2014 at the Sercos Competency Center at the University of Stuttgart. The free PlugFest allows manufacturers to perform interoperability tests in order to verify the implementation of Sercos III master and slave devices, thus ensuring the best possible compliance of different products. It also enables improvement of the Sercos III specification. This PlugFest will feature multi-vendor device environments for extensive testing of multiple slaves with one master.

New Sercos Webinar Recordings Available

Three new Sercos webinar recordings - from May and June - plus five previously released webinar recordings are available for download.
The webinars are:

  • Mechanisms of connection (June 2014)
  • Functionality of redundancy (May 2014)
  • Sercos tips & tricks to easily commission a machine (May 2014)
  • Sercos in practice: Efficient, reliable and economical (March 2014)
  • Sercos in practice: Easy, fast, flexible (February 2014)
  • Moving forward with tradition & innovation (January 2014)
  • How machine engineers and users benefit from a common Sercos III and EtherNet/IP infrastructure (November 2013)
  • CIP Safety on Sercos & EtherNet/IP (October 2013)

Check out the Sercos YouTube Channel »

Hannover Fair confirms growing interest in Sercos technology

Summary of Sercos III Advantages

- Blended Sercos III and
  EtherNet/IP - Machine
  Builders and Users
  Reduce The Cost and
  Complexity of Machine

- Free On-Demand Sercos
  Webinars Available!

Plug and Play - Sercos The Automation Bus
(28-page Brochure, Jan 2014)
plug and play - Sercos the automation bus

Sercos News #1-2014
(Issued April 2014)
SERCOS News #1-2014

Sercos Product &
Manufacturer’s Guide
(Updated Sept 2013)
Sercos Product Guide

Quick Route to Sercos
(Issued Jan 2014)
Sercos Product Guide
Issue #41 of the Sercos newsletter is now online
The latest issue of the Sercos newsletter details the latest developments of the interface, plus more.
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