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FREE Webinars in the First Quarter of 2016

January 21 -- "Multiplexing of application data," will explain how application data must be configured to multiplex it during operation in a Sercos network and point out the functions that must be considered in doing so. Read more and register »

February 3 -- "Robust communication – Redundancy concepts for industrial communication networks and plants." Robust communication is an essential part of industrial plants and critical infrastructure installations. The webinar will offer a brief introduction to different concepts that can provide fault-tolerance for Ethernet communication networks; for example, through the introduction of redundant media connections or redundant networks. Read more and register »

February 17 -- "Sercos-based modular compact vision system." Imago Technologies GmbH will present a new modular concept of a vision system including a Sercos interface. The core of the system is the compact vision computer called VisionBox. All relevant components like cameras, illumination units, Sercos bus, and I/O are connected with the VisionBox. Read more and register »

March 9 -- "Configuration and use of real-time control bits." You'll learn how a user can configure and use the real-time bits in a Sercos network. The webinar will explain the purpose of real-time bits and their applications, the available options, and how can they be selected by the user. Read more and register »

All webinars will begin at 16:00 CET (10 am EST), will run approximately 30 minutes and will offer the opportunity for questions afterwards.

OPC UA Companion Specification for Sercos Released -- A newly released OPC Unified Architecture (UA) companion specification for Sercos describes the mapping of the Sercos information model to OPC UA so that the functions and data of Sercos devices are made available and accessible via OPC UA. This initiative aims at simplifying the communication between machine periphery and supervisory IT systems, supporting the requirements of Industry 4.0 regarding semantic interoperability. Read more »

Sercos International Establishes Working Group for Ethernet TSN -- A Sercos working group will evaluate the future real-time Ethernet IEEE 802.1 TSN (Time Sensitive Networks) standard regarding its suitability for high-speed real-time machine communication. Ethernet TSN comprises a series of IEEE 802 sub standards that include time-triggered data transmission, bandwidth reservation and measures to interrupt non-time-critical data streams. Thus, a completely deterministic communication within the IEEE 802 standard is possible. The newly established Sercos TSN working group will evaluate the future standard with respect to the achievable network performance (data throughput, latency times and real-time characteristics) and the required network management associated with different network configurations. Read more »

Sercos At SPS IPC Drives Show -- Sercos presented a SoftMaster demo at the recent SPS IPC Drives Show in Nuremberg, Germany. This demo is based on a Sercos III SoftMaster core, which is being made available as open-source software. Using the software, Sercos III hardware functions are emulated in host-based driver software, eliminating the need for a master FPGA or ASIC hardware component.
Read more about the OpenSource Master »

ISG – Industrielle Steuerungs -- A leading supplier of soft CNC, mMotion, and robotics solutions, demonstrated a PC-based Pick&Place robotics application that implemented the new Sercos SoftMaster from Bosch Rexroth on a Tenasys "Intime for Windows" RTOS platform. Motion programming is done via PLCopen-based function blocks using the Multiprog SoftPLC programming environment.

ke Next Magazin included the Sercos SoftMaster as part of its German-language exhibition check video. A similar English video from Tenasys is also available.

Sercos Multi-Vendor Demo -- The Sercos multi-vendor interoperability demo shows automation products from several manufacturers connected using the Sercos automation bus. It includes Sercos products from Bosch Rexroth, Aventics, Cannon-Automata, Feller Engineering, Festo, halstrup-walcher, Hilscher, RiceLake/Laumas and TR-Electronic. Read a 4-page flyer describing the demo »

Sercos International Has Launched A Japanese Website -- Offering a great depth of information on the Sercos automation bus for the Japanese community. Read more »

Sercos IP Core for Xilinx® 7 Series FPGAs and Zynq® SoC Family Available -- The IP core is available for Sercos III master and slave controllers (SERCON100M/S) for automation devices. Read more »

Sercos III IP Core Available for Altera Cyclone V

Cyclone VThe Sercos III IP Core is now available for Altera's low-cost, low-power Cyclone® V devices. The IP core is available for Sercos III master and slave controllers (SERCON100M/S). Read more »

Sercos Webinar Recordings Available

In the past several months, Sercos has presented a number of technical webinars that are now available for free download:

  • Service Channel Handling (September 2015)
  • Configuration of real-time data (August 2015)
  • Topology - Part II (June 2015)
  • Sercos Certification (May 2015)
  • Topology - Part 1 (April 2015)

See the full list »

Issue #48 of the Sercos newsletter is now online
The latest issue of the Sercos newsletter details the latest developments of the interface, plus more.
Read it >>
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