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Rexroth HNC 100 Series 2X Provides Digital Servo Drive for Electromechanical and Electrohydraulic Drives

Rexroth HNC 100 Series 2X

Compact, modular, fieldbus-ready drive offers closed-loop control, sequence programming, and communication flexibility

The HNC Series 2X digital servo drive from the Industrial Hydraulics division of Bosch Rexroth is a freely programmable, bus-capable NC control for electromechanical and electrohydraulic drives.

The HNC 100 offers true axis synchronization. Because of open- and closed-loop control algorithms specifically tailored to the special characteristics of hydraulics, optimum performance of electrohydraulic drives can be achieved.

The customer can program the sequence via a PC using the HNCís WIN-PED software. The NC programming provides greater flexibility of the HNC, and it can complement existing user know-how with its common platform.

As a standard, each HNC 100 features a local CAN-bus, which can be used to link the individual drives for general data exchange or for implementing synchronization controls, resulting in a scalable automation concept using modular principles.

Finally, the HNC 100 can communicate with higher-level controls via Profibus-DP, INTERBUS-S, and CANopen fieldbuses. As a new option, the HNC 100 is now available with SERCOS interface, the most common communication system for electrical drives.


For more information on the Rexroth HNC 100 Series 2X, please visit the Bosch Rexroth web site.

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