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Ultra3000™ SERCOS interface™ Digital Servo Drive


The Ultra3000 family provides one global solution through its complete set of servo drive products ranging from simple standalone indexing applications to multi-axis integrated motion. Ranging from 110V to 460V power input, these high-performance, digital servo drives meet global voltage requirements and provide flexibility to perform in a variety of machine control architectures. In addition, the Ultra3000 drive is integrated with the ControlLogix platform via SERCOS interface as a Kinetix Integrated Motion solution. The Ultra3000 SERCOS interface drive is currently available from 7.5A to 150A peak current in the 230V platform and 14A to 94A peak current in the 460V platform.

Key Benefits of the Ultra3000 Include:

The Ultra3000 provides a global solution to meet all customer needs.

The SERCOS interface provides seamless integration into the ControlLogix platform for multi-axis integrated motion (Kinetix). RSLogix 5000 is the only software program required for both sequential and motion control.

Optimized motor/drive combinations are available for each application. The Ultra3000 can operate a wide variety of brushless servo motors, including the Allen-Bradley Y-, LD-, N-, H-, F-, and W-series and 1326AB motors, along with linear and third-party motors.

The Ultra3000 supports high-resolution feedback encoders for improved system performance.

To eliminate costly and time-consuming machine homing cycles, the Ultra3000 has built-in support for multi-turn absolute encoders or an option to supply external logic power to maintain position during power loss.

The Ultra3000 incorporates application proven designs, tested individually and within overall architectures, to provide world-class reliability and increase your machine productivity.

Ultra3000 Drive Features:

100-480V AC options, single and three-phase input.

7.5A to 150A peak current capability.

Standard high-density D-Shell connectors.

Field programmable flash memory firmware storage.

Seven segment LED for status and error codes.

Eight selectable general purpose inputs.

Four selectable general purpose outputs and relay output.

Serial port for RS-232/RS-485 communications.

CE compliance and UL listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards.



For more information on the Ultra3000 family, please visit the Allen-Bradley web site.

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